Information for Parents

Useful and practical

information about
your child's day at 
Winchcombe Playgroup 


9am - 3pm on Monday - Friday

Full day sessions: 
9am - 3pm

Half day sessions:
9am - 12pm  &  12pm-3pm


toddler group

Our 'stay and play' toddler group has stopped for the summer.  Watch out for news in the Autumn...

Forest School

All-weather learning in our special outdoor classroom.  

These sessions encourage exploration of the great outdoors to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Sessions due to return in the Autumn Term - watch out for more information...

supa strikers

Soccer-based activity sessions held every Thursday at the Community Centre. 

This popular session teaches core football skills to help develop movement and coordination, as well as an awareness of shapes, colours and numbers. SupaStrikers also encourages social skills such as listening, sharing and teamwork.


Term Dates

We follow the term dates and holiday calendar of Winchcombe Abbey Primary School.

Snack time

Snacks are provided free of charge halfway through the morning session, and again in the afternoon.

At Winchcombe Playgroup, we promote healthy eating - we offer the children milk, fruit and crackers at snack time. 

The children are encouraged to try different tastes and textures and we encourage independent eating.

To ensure our high standards of care, a Key Person sits with the children at lunch and snack times. The Key Person socialises with the children, models good behaviour at the table and assists the children when they need help.


If your child attends an afternoon session or a whole day, you will need to provide a packed lunch and a drink.

Please make sure the lunchbox and drinks bottle are name-labelled. Place them on the lunch trolley outside before you go into playgroup.

To inform you of what your child has eaten, all remaining food and packaging is returned home in the lunchbox.

It is Playgroup policy not to allow children to share their lunches with others, and we request that no nuts or nut-based products are sent into Playgroup, as some of our children have severe nut allergies.

What to bring in
cold weather...

As active learners, we go outdoors in all weathers, so to keep the children safe, please bring:  

  • Wellies

  • Warm, waterproof coat

  • Jumper

  • Gloves

  • Warm hat

If your child attends Forest School they must wear long-sleeved tops, long trousers and wellies year-round due to nettles.

What to bring in
hot weather... 
  • Sun hat

  • Sensible shoes or sandals
    (no crocs or flip-flops)

  • A name-labelled sunscreen

Notes on sunscreen:

  • Please apply to your child before coming to playgroup.

  • Staff will reapply sunscreen after lunch for children who stay for the afternoon session.

  • All sunscreens will be kept in a box away from children's access.

  • Please inform us if your child has an allergy to certain creams.

  • Most sunscreens lose their effectiveness after one year and should be replaced annually.

Playgroup's Golden Rules

We have a number of golden rules here at Winchcombe Playgroup that we share with the children. You may hear them use or say these at home, they include:

Kind Hands
Used to explain that they should play nicely, or we don't like the way they are
playing. This will be accompanied by putting our hands up in the 'stop' motion.

Indoor Voice

To explain that when we are inside we should be using quieter voices.

We use sign language to express this - walking fingers along our forearms.

Tidying Up

When we finish playing with things, we tidy them up or leave them as we found them.



Please ensure that EVERYTHING your child brings to playgroup is labelled with their full name!

This includes all items of indoor and outdoor clothes, shoes and wellies, lunchboxes and drinks bottles.